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Pet funeral / cremation / burial

In every life the time of farewell will come. Many pet owners want to have a place where they can have a dignified resting place for their loved pet. To respond to this need it is possible to bury a pet on your own property or at a pet cemetery or to have a cremation at the crematorium and the ashes placed in an urn.

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Carcass disposal law (TierKBG)

The burial on private property is permitted for individual body of:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Piglets
  • under 4 weeks old sheep and goat kids
  • Fowl
  • small animals held in pet shops and birds

but not in water protection areas and not in close proximity to public ways and places.

The carcasses must be buried so they have to be covered by a sufficient, at least 50 cm thick soil layer, measured from the edge of the pit. § 26 Abs. 2, §§ 32b and 34 Abs. 2 of the Water Act remain unaffected.