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Buying a puppy

Before buying it should be clear which dog and which gender you want and what you expect from the dog.

  • Should it be especially gentle and suitable for children?
  • Does it take care of house and home?
  • Will it be used as a hunting dog?
  • Or is it a dog "in case of all"?

If these questions are resolved, you can start buying a dog. Go to a breeder.


Here you find addresses of serious breeders

Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V.

Westfalendamm 174
44141 Dortmund

Phone 0231 / 56500 - 0

and in the respective breeds and breeding associations from the ads of magazines or ask poeple who already have a dog of your chosen breed.

Beware of breeders who breed more than one breed and where the puppies grow up in a confined space without human contact.

Reputable breeders know from long experience the physical and emotional needs of their dogs.

They select from the parents for certain inherited characteristics and thus determine the genetic roots of the puppies.

Equally important is the environment in which the puppies grow up. For example, idyllic tranquility and seclusion are not the best conditions for a future city dog.

Experiences that the puppy had during his first weeks of life shape him for life. If a dog is not used to city noise it is hard to get used later. However, experienced breeders who live in the country, may make a trip with the puppy to the city to give them other impressions.

Take a close look at the puppy!

The later temperament can usually get recognized by playing with siblings. Get your puppy directly from the breeder. This way you can see the parents and get an overall impression of the breeding station.

Have the breeder show you the breeding papers and the mandatory health examinations of purebred dogs.