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Dogs in a vet clinic

Is your dog afraid of the vet?

Tips to prevent fear

Dogs and cats and even small animals often show strong anxiety behavior at the vet. Some dogs enter the veterinary clinic only trembling and with pinchted tail. Once in the treatment room, the stress is often expressed in fear aggression against the clinic staff and sometimes against the owner.

The animalís fear can be prevented most effectively when puppies and kittens are already carefully prepared for the visit.

During the first appointment no painful treatments should be performed if possible.

If the keeping quiet of an animal is extensively rewarded, this is an important foundation for a trusting relationship to the vet.

Puppies and kittens should be already accustomed at home to the checkup. Practicing lifting onto the table, opening the cage, controlling of ears and paws and unusual touches to the whole body can be gradually trained. If the animal accepts such manipulations willingly it will be rewarded. Thus it learns that certain touches and movements don't need to trigger fear.

The behavior of the owner is a key to the animalís behavior because his mood transfers to his own animal. It is very important that the owner remain calm and give the dog a sense of security.

Arrange an appointment. Short waiting times and no hassle in the waiting room can greatly reduce the dogís fear.

You can also visit us with your dog "just so".

This will give him the chance to associate the clinic and the team with positive experiences.
We have heard that our dog treats are not too bad.