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Neutering is when gonads (ovaries or testes) are removed surgically and thus a sterilization is effected. In a sterilization only the ova or seminiferous ducts are severed.


The neutering of dogs and cats can have different reasons. On the one hand, an uncontrolled proliferation of feral animals is prevented. On the other hand neutering and the resulting changes in the hormonal situation of the animal can positively influence the behavior of the animal by taking away aggressive or dominant behavior (especially in males).

But also medical conditions can make a neutering necessary:

Routine intervention

Soon after the surgery the wound will be healed (10-14 days) and the animal can lead a normal life again

The neutering of dogs and cats (both male and female) is a routine procedure that rarely causes surgical complications for the experienced vet.


In rare cases neutering of female dogs can lead in to skin changes or in old age to dribbling of urine. Weight gain can be prevented by moderate feeding and regular exercises.


A major advantage of neutering is that neutered females get less "teats tumor" than not castrasted females. Also "false pregnancy" and purulent infection of the uterus can no longer occure after total remove of the uterus and ovaries.

The risk of infection to cat-AIDS (FIVThe feline immunodeficiency virus is a virus out of the family of retrovirusses. The virus triggers an immune deficiency disease in cats, which is colloquially referred to as cat-AIDS because it is very similar to the AIDS disease in humans.) is mainly due to the changed reduced territorial behavior (especially males). Since bite injuries then occur rarely or no longer it is a much reduced risk to purulent wound injuries.


If pet owners are not ready to decide on permanent neutering they can achieve a time limited suppression of the sexual cycle with hormone treatment (pills, injection or hormone-chip).

Let us advise you! Together we will find the optimal solution for your pet.