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Our pets are threatened by a variety of infectious diseases. The best prevention is still the regular prophylactic vaccination of your pet.

Primary immunization

After the basic puppy-vaccinations are completed booster-vaccinations are administered as required in order to ensure complete protection.

We will advise you in the initial examination of your pet during our office hours.

International pet passport


For international travelling an international pet passport is required, your animal must have the necessary and current vaccinations and they have to be listed in the passport.

In order to obtain the international pet passport, it is nessessary that your animal has an identification (microchip and/or tattoo). For certain non-european countries you might need additional examinations or official health certificates.

Our vaccination reminder service

Who looks regularly in the vaccination passport of his pet?

The rude awakening then comes under certain circumstances at the border on the way to summer vacation.

If you miss the due vaccination, we will send you a reminder letter.